Most Popular Ponderings {Throw-Back Thursday}

Today's Blogathon prompt was "Throw-Back Thursday".  At the end of {yet another} long day, I thought a round-up of the ten most popular posts ever here on the blog sounded appropriate for the theme. :) So here they are...the all-time most read posts on PoaEE. Have you read them all? Which is your favorite?? :)

10. Seven Truths on Which to Dwell on the Hard Days (and Every Day) ~ I had no idea that this one was in the top ten, but it's sure one that's close to my heart.

9. Not "Fifty Shades" or "Magic Mike", but the More We Were Created For ~ This was a heavy post...one of those I really didn't plan to write, but that had to be written. I'm thankful for those who have shared this post over the years.

8.  A Long Overdue Road Trip Adventure {Claremore Gordon Mote concert} ~ Concert posts always get a lot of traffic around here. This one was no exception. :) 

7. St. Paul {Guy Penrod} Weekend, Part 7 ~ My Favorite Moment of the Whole Whirlwind Trip ~ Three years ago, our friend the Concert Fairy took the girls and I on a crazy road trip up north to see Guy Penrod (and a few other people :)). We're kinda partial to Guy around here, and this post explains a little about why it's more than just his music. :)

6. Pondered Pages ~ Scripture Journaling at Ponderings of an Elect Exile ~ One of my first posts on Scripture Journaling here on the blog. 

5. Oven-Free Friday on Saturday ~ A couple of our favorite super-easy, super-good crock pot recipes.  Delish! 

4. In the Palm of His Hand ~ Another post that is really close to my heart. 

3. Guy Penrod ~ One of the early Guy Penrod concert posts. :)

2. Such a Totally Timely Post ~ Not really sure why this one gets so much traffic...it's short and doesn't even come with a picture! But it's a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness and leading us step-by-step through dark days. 

1. Food on Fridays ~ Thanksgiving Tidbits and a China Cabinet Tour ~ Not sure if it's the recipes or the china cabinet pics or something else entirely, but this is consistently the most-read post on the blog. :) 

So what's your vote? One of these "top 10", or a different post entirely? I'd love to hear about your favorite post here on the blog in the comments! :)

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