Such a Totally Timely Post...Five Years...


A Prayer When Uncertain About God's Leading

What a totally timely post from Scotty Smith this morning.  Five years ago today, our world exploded.  We found ourselves facing circumstances we never in a million years expected to face, which we had absolutely no idea how to handle, and for which, at that point, we could go to no one else for counsel.  Our prayer from the very beginning was that God would direct us so clearly every step of the way that there was no doubt whatsoever where He was leading and what we were to do.  At every single crossroad, every single time there has been a decision to be made, we have seen God answer our prayers for direct guidance with complete crystal clarity.  He has shown us His faithfulness, love, goodness, and sovereignty in incredible ways.  He has proven Himself as much more than sufficient Wonderful Counselor.  We don't know what the next five years will bring...there is still much uncertainty...but we know that He is unchanging...that He is our Solid Rock...and that He will continue to lead us as He has led us to this point.  Five years ago today, I would never have imagined that I would be looking back on the last five years with tears...not of sadness, although there have been and will be many of those!...but of awestruck wonder and joy at His work in our lives in these years.  As Steven Curtis Chapman said after the death of his daughter Maria, "I know a lot less about God, but the things I know about God, I know a whole lot more, for sure."  God has shown us, in the last five years, a tiny bit of His awesome greatness, and helped us to see that He is SO much bigger and higher than we are that we can't even begin to imagine it...but He has also, through tremendous struggle, given me a sure certainty about His love, goodness, and sovereignty that I'm not sure He could have given any other way.  He has reminded us over and over again that He has a plan...a plan for good and not for evil...for all of us, and that this circumstance did not take Him by surprise for one moment.  It has been part of His plan for a hope and a future for us since before the beginning of time...

""For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" ~ Jeremiah 29:11


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