I promise...

that my next post will not contain bird or squirrel pictures!  Perhaps Riki Tiki and Templeton need their own blog. :)  (Actually, these pictures are of Riki Tiki and one of the "new" squirrels...I think perhaps Apollonia?  Riki Tiki has a brown "mustache" under his nose...so funny!)  Seriously, I do have several posts planned for the coming week that are not backyard-wildlife related.  However, I'm in the midst of editing several hundred photos from the 50th anniversary/vow renewal ceremony I shot yesterday AND trying to get ready to start our "summer term" of school tomorrow, so I needed the brief diversion this afternoon of a few squirrel photos. :)

Aren't they cute?  :)

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t marie said...

I stinkin' love your squirrel pics. The first one is just awesome. I wonder how that conversation went.