The goal of parenthood...

Julie posted these quotes this morning from Grace Gems:

"The goal of the godly mother, is that her children in the flesh—may be God's children in the spirit. A mother should be more careful of her children's pious breeding—than she should be fearful of her children's worldly bearing."
(emphasis mine)

"You let out your efforts to make them great—lift up your prayers to make them godly; that before you die from them—you may see Christ live in them. While these twigs are green and tender—they should be bowed towards God."
It's uncanny how often Julie's posts go right along with what God is teaching me at the moment. Through a variety of circumstances, several conversations with friends, and various reading material God has brought across my path recently, I've been re-assessing not only the goals of our homeschooling, but God's goals for me as a mother. (I've also been planning a blog post...which is still to come.:)) The above quotes sum up so well what God has been teaching me.
My primary goal is not for my children to excel academically...although I do want them to excel academically. My primary goal is not for my children to be well-behaved in public...although I certainly want them to be well-behaved in public! :) My primary goal is not even first-time obedience with a respectful attitude...although that is a crucial foundation stone and a vital goal.
My primary goal is for my children to love the Lord with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. Only if they truly love Him and have a personal walk with Him as not only Savior, but also Lord of their lives, will they truly be the successes that He...and I...want them to be. No matter what they look like on the outside, no matter how intelligent, polite, and "successful" they appear to be...if they haven't given their hearts to Him completely, it is all for naught.

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Jules said...

You just said what I've wanted to say, Jen. I have to admit that lately, I've seemed to lose my focus. I hardly have time to sit and think - dwell on my Savior. I'm a poor example to my children!