Happy Birthday, Peter! (early edition)

The long-awaited day has finally arrived...Peter's 11th birthday!  More pictures to come later (as well as my Daybook post, I hope :)), but we're posting these now so dad can get in on the fun at work.  Usually the kids get to open one small present before Billy gets home, and then open the rest after he gets home from work.   This year, however, Peter only wanted one thing for his birthday...a Lego set that was the equivalent of what we usually spend on several gifts.  So...we struck a deal with Dad that Peter could go ahead and open it while Billy was at work, and we would post pictures so Dad could see. :)

Birthday banner...(someday we really *are* going to finish that wall...ugh!!)

Since he had a pretty good idea what he was getting, we decided to make it a bit more exciting by giving him clues to find his "wrapped gift."  

This was supposedly the "wrapped gift" on the last clue.   It was a teeny tiny box that only a very small piece of Lego would fit in.   We were trying to throw him off track...;-)
However, there was another clue inside the box...

which led him to the real thing. :)

The girls decorated his package...
(He's been building for the past 4 hours. :))

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