Thankful...Friday :-)

(If I post my Thankful Thursday post before the kids get up and around on Friday, does it count for Thursday? ;-))

This week I'm thankful for many things, but most of all, I am thankful for my sweet husband. I am thankful that the desire of his heart is to be a godly husband and father. I'm thankful that he works hard to provide for us, and that he works hard at home to keep the house, yard, and vehicles maintained. I'm thankful that he is a hands-on daddy...who takes that role very seriously and is involved in every aspect of his children's lives. If you want to make him mad, ask him if he is "babysitting" when he has the kids by himself...you'll get a very quick and pointed, "I am NOT babysitting, I'm their DAD." I'm thankful that he puts up with my crankiness, and spoils me in a million ways when I don't deserve it. I'm thankful that he takes good care of me when I'm not feeling up to par, and that he is willing and able to take up the slack during those times. I'm thankful for his strong protective streak (Mama bears have nothing on him. :)) Most of all, I'm thankful that he loves me, and for almost 13 years as his wife!

(I'm also thankful that he turns 40 on Sunday...24 days before I do, so I can get used to the idea before *my* birthday!! :-D Happy Birthday a bit early, Babe! I love you!)

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Denise said...

Happy Birthday to your dear husband, may God greatly bless him.