Welcome, October! And 31 Days of Letters to My Children

"Lord, please just give us a boring September!" 31 days ago I prayed those words. October 2015 has been a dreaded, looming specter on the calendar for over seven years. As we were about to welcome 2015, I faced some serious struggles that "the year" had arrived. 7.5 years had passed all too quickly; I knew 10 months would most likely fly by.

The first 8 months of 2015 were akin to a whirlwind. On August 31, I realized that we had only one more full month of relative peace. Thus my prayer that day for a boring September.

We haven't had any major crises, but it's been anything but boring. A full calendar, health issues, and an unanticipated major decision kept things hopping all month.

Several months ago, I had decided that I wanted to participate this year in the Write 31 Days project. I'd followed other bloggers during the "31 Days" blog series in previous years, but had never had any real interest in being a 31 Days blogger myself, mostly because I couldn't imagine being pinned down to a particular topic for an entire month. My brain and personality just don't work that way. :)

This summer, though, I had a brainstorm. I've had a blog series partially in my head, partially on paper, partially in blogger draft, and even partially published on the blog (just a post or two) for years, but it's never quite come together the way I'd planned.

This summer's brainstorm was that it would make a perfect 31 Days series! And thus today begins 31 Days of Letters to My Children. The topics will be all over the map, from deep theological truth to goofy mom-isms to practical life stuff. Most of them are things I've talked with my children about before, some many times, but I love the idea of sharing them in letter form on my blog as well. 

My original plan involved having the bulk of the posts finished before October arrived. When mid-September came and I hadn't written post one, I thought, "I'll be okay if I can just get 5 or 6 posts done ahead so I'll have a bit of a buffer." But here we are on the first of October and I don't have a single post finished and scheduled. Ahem. 

I'm going to go for it anyway. :) 

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