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Last fall, I posted that I was beginning a new journey with Scripture journaling. In October, I shared a bit more about Scripture journaling on the Worshipful Living blog. That post ended up being Worshipful Living's most popular post of the year. :)  All over the world, people are discovering a whole new way of worshiping God through Scripture art.

Journaling. Note-taking. Doodling. Lettering. Crafting. All things I love, and all can be incorporated into Bible art journaling. Not only is this a way to express the character quality of creativity, but it's a way to deeply imprint the Scriptures being journaled on the heart and mind of the journaler.

I've always written in my Bibles. I shared in Blessings of a Chicken-Scratched Bible that I treasure the chicken-scratched notes I've made in my Bibles over the years. They are "standing stones" of remembrance of the work God has done in my life and the things He has taught me. my parents set a wonderful example in this area, and I treasure the Bibles I have from my daddy with his neatly written notes in the margins. I love watching my children write in their own Bibles during church and in their own personal study times.

Scripture journaling takes that a step further. It adds color and images and creativity to the process of worship and study. It also provides a very personal keepsake to hand down to future generations.

I plan to share some of my Bible journaling entries as "Pondered Pages" here on the blog. I hope that these posts will be encouraging and inspiring to others seeking to worship through Scripture art.

If you are new to Scripture journaling, here are some resources to help you get started:

  • Shanna Noel's blog, Illustrated Faith. Shanna's blog is a wealth of information, including tutorials, videos, and guest bloggers. 
  • Journaling Bible Community on Facebook. Also begun by Shanna Noel, this group is a wonderful place to share your own Bible journaling and see what others are doing. 
  • Pinterest.Search "Bible Journaling", "Scripture Journaling", and "Illustrated Faith" for great ideas and inspiration. 
  • Instagram. Check out #illustratedfaith and #journalingBible on Instagram.
I'll share more resources in future posts, but those are good places to start. :)

This entry was a quick one. I saw a quote not long ago from one of my favorite authors/speakers, Paul David Tripp, that reminded me of one of my favorite verses. 

The quote:
The question is not whether there is boundless grace available to you, but whether you will admit your need and seek it. ~ Paul David Tripp
The verse:
His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us to His own glory and excellence, ~2 Peter 1:3
I blogged on this verse a couple of years ago. It came up during  a Bible study I was teaching at church at the time. I was completely blown away by the fact that Paul says here that God has already given us everything we need for life and godliness. I loved the reminder in Paul David Tripp's quote that His boundless grace is available to us...it's right there...and all we have to do is admit our need and seek that grace. I've needed that reminder in recent weeks!

I did a quick entry last night using my favorite Pilot G2 1.0 (bold point) pen, a pink Bic Cristal pen, a little washi tape, and a tab made with a We R Memory Keepers file tab punch.

What has God been teaching you lately? Is there a verse or passage that has really stuck out to you? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!  I'd also love to hear about your thoughts or experiences with note-taking in your Bible and/or art journaling.


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