2 Years!!

This was my Facebook status this morning:

So....we've been waiting and waiting for today to arrive, as we thought today would mark Bayley's 2 year ‪#‎seizurefree‬ mark. Then as we were talking this morning, we realized we're actually a couple of weeks late! However, VBS week is always a huge test, and the fact that she has made it through the demands of this week gives us double reason to celebrate. What a huge, huge blessing and reminder of God's abundant faithfulness. So thankful to have reached (and passed!) this milestone, and so thankful for so many who have prayed so hard ever since this crazy ‪#‎epilepsyjourney‬ began 3 1/2 years ago! And more thankful than I can ever say for Peter, Emlyn, and Ammah Grace and the troupers they've been through it all. They are definitely my heroes (not just for their constant awareness and care and concern for Bay, but for lots of other reasons as well!) Thankful too for wonderful friends who have made this journey so much easier. God is good, all the time.

(That's Chinese for "Epilepsy" on her right arm. :))

Tonight I want to leave you with a little graphic I made a few years ago about seizure first aid. I was thrilled to find out later that some of Bay's friends screenshot (screenshotted? can that even be a verb, and if so, what is the past tense? I'm way too tired tonight to worry about it!:)) it and saved it to their phones so that they could find it quickly if they ever needed it. Have I ever mentioned that our kids have the BEST friends EVER????

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