The Last Holdout!

I mentioned in this post that I was a Razorback fan before I was born (and that post has the photos of me in my hand-knit Razorback coming-home  sweater to prove it!)  I also mentioned that it was a sign of my dad's great regard and affection for Billy that he gave us his blessing despite Billy being a Tennessee Vol fan. :)

In the kids' younger years, we were an evenly divided family.  Dad, Emlyn, and Ammah Grace rooted for the Vols, while Mom, Peter, and Bayley cheered for the Hogs. 

Then Emlyn had an awakening, and suddenly switched sides. (Yay!! :))  That left Ammah Grace the lone holdout cheering for Dad's Vols. 

She is not only adamantly for the Vols, but vehemently against the Hogs.  We get tickled because often when we are in a store with a really nice Hog display, she will walk backward to avoid looking at it.  She refuses to touch anything Razorback-related, and doesn't even like to fill the Razorback bird-feeder in the backyard (which my sweet husband bought me for Mother's Day one year despite the fact that it almost gave him a rash to carry it home! :))

She has a genuine Tennessee Vols bracelet that Mrs. Jodie was commissioned to buy when she was in Jackson last year...it was a Christmas surprise, and I'm pretty sure it was her favorite gift. :)  She also loves to wear her Daddy's Vol caps.  He handed this one down to her today, and she was so excited. 

I used to think she'd come around to the "right" side someday...but I have pretty much given up on that now.  I think she's a Vol fan for life.   

(Excuse the wet hair in the photos.  She'd just gotten out of the shower when we took these, and I didn't realize until I started editing them that I don't think she'd even brushed her hair yet.  Guess we'll chalk that one up to "just keepin' it real"! :))

Does your family have "divided loyalties" when it comes to sports teams? Who are your faves?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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