Creative Castles

Day 28 of Blogathon...two more days!! Day 5 of VBS...LONG day.  It's been a great week, but long and busy and exhausting!  If it were not for Blogathon, I would have gone to bed an hour ago; in fact, I'm not sure I wouldn't have done so anyway if it were earlier in the month!  But the fact that I've made it 27 days means I MUST press on. :)

Today is going to be very simple.  We made castles for today's VBS craft.  (We did Answers in Genesis's Kingdom Chronicles this year...wonderful material!)  Everyone we knew saved paper towel rolls for weeks for this craft (and another I hope to post about soon. :))  Our VBS director, Amanda, and her son, Jacob, cut a bazillion pieces of cardboard, and then Miss Katy and Miss Grace put them all together so the kids could add the turrets and decorate today.

This is my favorite kind of craft.  Provide an assortment of craft and everyday items and turn them loose to create!  I love to see the creative ideas they come up with.  Totally fabulous!

Here are a few of today's creative castles.  Enjoy!

We talked about being part of God's Kingdom this week.

LOVED this one!

Thought the people and torches on this one were great!

Several had the idea to do a drawbridge.  They came up with some very creative ideas for making them!

Knight bowing before the king inside this castle.  Another wonderfully creative idea!

Archer protecting the castle.


Stained glass window

More people...loved this one!

Part of Emlyn's class sample to give the kids some ideas...a rock wall, and stained glass windows.

Castles, castles everywhere!

Have you done VBS this summer?  Are you going to?  What's your favorite VBS memory?  I'd love to hear in the comments!

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