One of my fellow Blogathon-ers did one of these a few days ago, and I decided to try one myself.  You plug your web site into this site and it makes a word cloud from it.  Pretty cool!  Tonight was the perfect night, as my brain is jello after a very full day. :)  This site has all sorts of options as far as fonts, colors, shapes, etc....it was rather therapeutic to play with without having to fully engage my brain.  One thing I noticed...apparently it cuts off words at an apostrophe...therefore I have entries for "don" and "didn"...which would make me laugh out loud if I weren't entirely too worn out. :) 

Just 8 more days of Blogathon!  I can't believe I have now blogged for 22 days straight!  My plan is to post on July 1 about observations and things I've learned through the Blogathon.  Then I hope to maintain a good level of consistency, but not keep it up daily.  Five days a week would be great. :)

The word "praying" is especially sticking out to me tonight.  We are praying especially for our sweet friend Mrs. Jo Ann and her family.  Her husband, Mr. Gary, passed away last night after a lengthy illness.  We all love Mr. Gary and Mrs. Jo Ann...they have been such a blessing to our family in many ways over the years.  The kids have reminded me every single prayer time for two years to pray for Mr. Gary.  As Mrs. Jo Ann said to me earlier today, "Their prayers for his healing have been answered...he is healed and healthy."  We know that, and we are rejoicing with his family in that, and yet we know that they are going to miss him greatly.  We are going to miss him, too.  I know they would appreciate your prayers for their family as they adjust and grieve.

It's not even 8:00, but I'm going to wrap up the last few things I have to get done tonight, and head to bed.  As Billy would say, I'm "exhaustipated"!

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