Chocolate Chip Prayers

I got up extra-early this morning to make chocolate chip cookies for Bayley to take to the Acteen sleepover tonight. As I was waiting for the amazing KitchenAid to do its marvelous mixing thing, I thought about the fact that homemade chocolate chip cookies are another {rather odd!:)} standing stone for me.

The first thing I do when I start to make chocolate chip cookies is to preheat the oven. As I shared here, our oven was a special gift. We've had it almost a year now, and I still almost never turn it on without thanking God for it and for the people who gave it to us, and praying for each one of them by name.

The second thing I do when I make chocolate chip cookies is put the paddle beater on the mixer and plug it in. I shared about our mixer in the post linked above as well...one of God's wonderful surprises, from a precious far-away friend.  It's a constant reminder to thank God for her, and to pray for her and her family.

At the end of all the mixing, I pull our huge bag of chocolate chips out of the freezer. This invariably reminds me of our friends who are missionaries in Ireland. We got to spend a day with them last summer while they were home on furlough. It was shortly after we were surprised with the oven and the mixer, and I had been baking like a mad woman.  I made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies to take along with our lunch.

As we ate, our friends shared with us that all the choices in food here in the U.S. were a bit overwhelming. There is not nearly such an array of choices in Ireland (and many other parts of the world!) Then they explained that they were really enjoying the chocolate chip cookies, because chocolate chips are scarce in Ireland.  They used to be almost impossible to find; now they are more readily available, but in small packages that are very expensive...not a common item on a missionary's budget.

We know that missionaries sacrifice much.  There are many sacrifices missionaries make that are much more significant than giving up chocolate chip cookies.  However, for my kids (and for me!), the loss of chocolate chip cookies brought it very down to earth. It was one of those things that we just take so for granted and can't imagine living without!

That made a big impression on our kids.  Not only do I think of...and pray for...our missionary friends and their work in Ireland every time I pull out my big bag of chocolate chips, but my kids do, too. 

Isn't it funny the things God can use to sear into our minds his blessings and faithfulness, and reminders to pray for people all over the world?  I'd love to hear your stories of God's unusual reminders or standing stones in your life!

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