Sunday Squirrels (and Assorted Other Critters)

This is going to be quick.  Day 23 of Blogathon and the night before VBS.  Need I say more? :)  Got a list a mile long of things I need to do before bed, and I need to get some sleep at some point! 

I carved out a few minutes earlier to sit in the back yard with Billy and enjoy the tiny bit of breeze blowing through the trees.  Our birds were singing and our squirrels were playing and I had some fun with the camera and the tablet taking pics and a bit of video. 

I haven't posted much from the back yard here since I started the photography blog, so I thought perhaps today would be a good day for a critter post.  First, a bit of video of one of our new squirrels. It was literally less than two feet from me in the second video.  In the first one, it wasn't quite sure if that food was safe or if I was going to get him for getting into it.  He ended up sitting there eating seed for probably a good ten minutes.  :)

Well, hello!

Through the tire swing

He was so close I was having to lean back in my chair because my zoom lens wouldn't focus. :)

Love that tail!

Starling taking a bath

Mama Cardinal

Standing her ground. Not much phases her. :)

If you enjoyed these and you haven't already visited my photo blog, please stop by Documenting Glory and check it out!

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