5 Favorite Android Apps (+ 5)

It was supposed to be a really simple post.  Quick. Easy.  June 5 was one of several  theme days for the WordCount Blogathon.  Today's theme?  "My 5 Favorite Apps"

So this morning I took a few pictures, planning to transfer them between devices later, edit, upload, type some quick text, and be done.  

Why is it that so often the things we think are going to be the simplest turn out to be the most complicated? 

Let's just say that it didn't work out quite the way I'd planned.  

So now it's past bedtime, and I am just starting this post. My brain is worse than jello.  I knew there would be days like this during this month of daily posting for the Blogathon.  I am still determined to meet my goal of posting daily.  

When I sat down to list my favorite apps, I realized that some of mine were "no-brainers"...almost "it goes without saying" favorites.  So...I'll start with my "universally popular" favorites, and then give my official list. 

Favorite Apps That Need No Real Introduction: 

1. Kindle - I have a Kindle Keyboard, which was without a doubt one of the best and smartest purchases we've ever made. I have close to 2000 books downloaded.  Of those, I've paid for perhaps 20 all together...most of those under $5.00.   As much as I love my Kindle reader, I dearly love my Kindle app for Android as well.  With a houseful of readers, having more than one e-reader device is just handy, and I love the ability to download books in color with the Android app.  

2. Facebook - This one just kind of goes without saying.  Or maybe it doesn't.  Regardless, I'm planning an entire post on Facebook later this month.  I'll share some of my favorite things about the platform itself as well as pros and cons of the Android app and the Android browser version. 

3. Netflix - Another one that needs little explanation.  It's just handy.  And fun.  

4. Instagram - I waited with great impatience for IG to release for Android.  It was definitely worth the wait.  I had no idea that my favorite part of IG was going to be discovering an online Bible Study that I love, and making connections with others participating in that study.  God works in mysterious ways sometimes...even though Instagram! 

5. Angry Birds - In all its free incarnations.  I don't play often anymore, but it's always a great thing to pull out to keep the kids occupied when we're waiting, and they enjoy seeing Mom's prowess (or lack thereof), too!

My Official List:

1. SuperNote - This came pre-installed on my tablet.  I LOVE this app.  I can create notebooks on various subjects, and fill them with individual pages.  I have notebooks for sermon notes, recipes, lists and planning, homeschooling, blogging ideas, quotes, journaling notes, and more.  

My favorite thing about this app is that I have the option of typing or handwriting (with my fingertip).  I LOVE being able to make handwritten notes.  There are just times that I think better when I'm "writing" than when I'm typing.  I love this feature. 

There are all sorts of features I haven't even begun to delve into yet, such as drawing/painting, etc.  I'm looking forward to learning more about it and making even better use of it.

2. YouVersion - The best Bible app I've found.  You can read, listen, watch, and download certain versions to use offline.  It can be used across devices (tablet, phone, PC), and you can save and share your own notes.  There is also a huge list of Bible Studies for which you can sign up.  The app sends a daily reminder to complete that day's study.  I use YouVersion to do my She Reads Truth study.  Again, I've only scratched the surface of the abilities of this app.  It's fabulous. 

3. Snapseed - Snapseed is a photo-editing app with basic editing capabilities as well as all kinds of extra features.  Great all-purpose editing app. 

4. PicsArt - PicsArt is for those times you want to do more "fun" editing. I've just recently begun using PicsArt, but I'm finding it very user friendly and full-featured. 

5. IBird Pro - This is the only paid app I have.  It was one of the first apps I ever downloaded.  This is a great app for anyone interested in bird-watching.  Everything you need for bird ID right at your fingertips.  And total verification of your status as a "bird nerd". :) 

What are your favorite apps for Android? For iOS?  Leave me a comment with one or a whole list! 

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