Lost in Holy Amazement

This is one of those days when I realize that Blogathon + Church-Camp-and-VBS-Month was probably not my best idea ever!  I'm beyond exhausted right now, although it's a good exhaustion.  in the midst of another (not quite so crazy as yesterday, but still crazy) crazy day today, I managed to do quite a bit of writing...but it was all for other sites on other days!  I zipped one guest post off just a bit ago and was so pleased to have completed it...and then realized that I hadn't done my Blogathon post for today!

So today is going to be very short.  It's a quote I've been pondering for a few weeks, ever since one of my favorite speakers/writers posted it on Facebook.  Steven Lawson was at our church a few years ago, and his messages had a profound impact on my life.

Sometimes I feel like I share too much about my amazement at the glimpses God gives of Who He is and His work in and around me.  And then I re-read Psalm 40:1-5, or see a quote like this, and realize that there is no such thing at too much amazement at Who He is and what He does...and that we are commanded...often...to proclaim His glory and His works.

I don't ever want to lose that amazement.  I want it to be more amazing to me all the time...until I see Him face to face and realize what a shadow it all was and what true awe and wonder are!

BTW...tomorrow you are in for a HUGE treat.  Kate Megill, from Teaching What is Good, is going to be guest posting for the Blogathon Guest Post Swap.  You will NOT want to miss her post!! Come back by tomorrow, or subscribe via the box in the sidebar. :)

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