The Complete Index to Blogathon 2014 at Ponderings of an Elect Exile

I've gone round and round all day trying to decide whether or not to publish a post today.  On the one hand, it's July 1, I've posted 30 days in a row, and a break was certainly in order. On the other hand, it's July 1, I've posted 30 days in a row, and why lose the momentum?  Two sick children, a bunch of cooking to do, and more lawn mower issues almost decided for me.

I decided on a compromise: gathering all my Blogathon 2014 posts into one big comprehensive index for easy reference.

So here they are, in case you missed any, or perhaps want to re-read something. Enjoy!

2014 Blogathon Posts:

June 1 ~ June 1, 2014 Blogathon, and Poor Planning on My Part

June 2 ~ Wrecking Balls, Rip Van Winkle, and the Journey Back to Transparency
June 3 ~ 10 From the Tabs
June 4 ~ Simple Woman's Daybook {Blogathon Edition}
June 5 ~ A Not-So-Simple Case of Blogger's Block
June 6 ~ Blogging at Ponderings of an Elect Exile: The How and the Why of It
June 7 ~ A Baker's Dozen of Favorite Posts from 2013
June 8 ~ Encouraging Words in Photos
June 9 ~ Word Cloud
June 10 ~ Empowerment for Women...Or Maybe Not
June 11 ~ ICAD!!

June 12 ~ Anne Ortlund: Legacy of a Heroine of the Faith
June 13 ~ Surrounded By His Sovereignty
June 14 ~ My Life Between Two Covers:  A Lifetime of Anne Ortlund Inspired Notebooks
June 15 ~ More Anne Ortlund, "Just Hanging Around", and a New Series
June 16 ~ The Church's One Foundation
June 17 ~ Tech Tuesdays: Social Media {Etc} For {Not-So} Techy People
June 18 ~ 10 From the Tabs
June 19 ~ Understanding in the Unthinkable: A Call to Action for the Body of Christ
June 20 ~ Fitness Friday: Never Say Never!
June 21 ~ The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men
June 22 ~ Pew Ponderings: Tough Love!
June 23 ~ Prayer Ponderings
June 24 ~ Summer Reading List 2014
June 25 ~ Blogathon Wrap-Up 2014
June 26 ~ Thankful Thursday
June 27 ~ Do YOU Get It? Six Ways You Can Get It and Help Others Get It, Too
June 28 ~ Fitness Friday on Saturday...Lightbulb Moments!
June 29 ~ Pew Ponderings: Placing Ourselves Deeply
June 30 ~ Simple Woman's Daybook {End of Blogathon Edition}

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