Fitness Friday: Never Say Never!

I'm doing something today on the blog I said I'd NEVER do.

For years I've said I would never blog about my weight or fitness.

But here I am, not only posting today, but planning to check in here on future Fridays as well.

*Insert big huge shocked faced smiley here*

So why the change?

Two reasons, actually.  One, I've been tremendously encouraged by some bloggers and Instagrammers who have been willing to share about their health/weight loss journeys.  If I can encourage someone else as they've encouraged me, it's worth my trepidation in posting. :)

Two, I need the accountability!  Lisa Pennington is one of the bloggers who has been an encouragement to me in this area.  I discovered her on Instagram, and then began following her on Facebook.  Lisa has lost over 80 pounds in the last year.  She recently posted 7 Questions Answered About My Weight Loss Journey. 

One of the three things she credits with helping her stick with it is the accountability she has had in regularly posting online. I was encouraged by that to have similar accountability. Hence Fitness Friday!

For today, a little introduction.  I've never been athletic. Other than some serious kickball in the neighborhood during my grade school years, and many hours spent riding my bicycle over the childhood and teen years, I've avoided "exercise" like the plague most of my life. Part of that, I've realized in recent years, has been due to equilibrium issues that truly did make many kinds of physical activity uncomfortable. Part has been due to the fact that I hate to sweat. My friend T and I used to say that most southern girls perspire; we never have. We sweat.

The last nine years have included chronic pain/health problems that have led to a pretty sedentary lifestyle.  However, in the last couple of years I've lost almost 40 pounds and kept it off, but gotten "stuck" at that point.

Not long ago, I decided something had to change. Our family was able to join the fitness center affiliated with the hospital where Billy works, and we've been going faithfully since the first of June.

For the first time ever, I'm enjoying working out! As I've said to several people, I know that that is God's answer to my desperate prayers for my health.  I'm having to start out very, very slowly, but right now, I'm just determined to keep at it and make slow, gradual progress.

Right off the bat, I had a setback...a week after we joined the gym, I had a nasty fall, and twisted my ankle badly.  Although I was terribly thankful not to have broken it (BTDT 3 times before), I was awfully concerned that I would lose the momentum I'd built over that first week.

At any other time, I would have taken full advantage of the "excuse" not to work out. This time was different. Although I couldn't do the cardio machines, I was still able to do most of the weight machines and exercise in the pool. (And thankfully my ankle has healed much more quickly than I expected.  I think that is in large part to the essential oils I've been using.  Watch for a post on that soon!)

We've been going to the gym for 3 weeks.  Week 1 I worked out 4 days, Week 2 I worked out 3 days (missed one day due to my ankle), and Week 4 I've worked out 3 days so far, but I'm planning to go tomorrow, which will bring that to four. :)

My goal is to go at least 4 times a week. I'm working right now on a workout plan.  I'll be posting more about that in the coming weeks.

I know next-to-nothing about fitness, but I'm learning!  The researcher in me is studying up, and I hope to share about what I'm learning in the next few weeks as well.

I'm excited about this journey, and excited (if a bit nervous!) about sharing it with you.

Have you lost a significant amount of weight and kept it off?  I'd love to hear how you did it!  Do you have tips for gym newbies? I'd love to hear those, too.  Leave me a comment here or on Facebook, or message me through the contact box in the sidebar. 

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