My Life Between Two Covers: a Lifetime of Anne Ortlund Inspired Notebooks {Legacy of a Heroine, Part 2}

I was first introduced to Anne Ortlund's writing as a youngish girl, reading my mother's copy of Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman. Having grown up in a Christian home and a solid Bible teaching church, I was already familiar with some of what Anne wrote about: having a personal quiet time, taking notes on sermons in church, and principles of discipleship. 

Some of the suggestions in her book were new, however.   Keeping a sermon note file, praying over goals and priorities, and most of all, using a notebook--all these things were new but exciting ideas for me.

I began as a young girl putting these things into practice.  I still have sermon notes from Bro. Bill Probasco at FBC, Conway. filed away in my file cabinet by topic and/or book of the Bible.  I also have personal Bible study notes, in my pre-teen "artsy" handwriting, in those files.  (I need to admit here that I have not kept up with that filing system, mostly because I've kept my notes in recent years in notebooks by year.  I'd like to get back to that system, though.)

One of the biggest impacts on my life from Anne's books, however, was in keeping a notebook. In those days, we hadn't heard of such things as Franklin Covey, Daytimer, or Dayrunner.  Anne shared her notebook system...a combination calendar/planner/Bible study notebook/prayer journal housed in a looseleaf 5.5 x 8.5 notebook.  

I started keeping a planner/notebook based on Anne's suggestions at a very young age.  My first notebook was a plain binder with lined paper and manila dividers.  My next notebook was a light purple binder with adorable teddy bears on the front...I collected teddy bears in those days, and my puffy purple binder (from the old Baker Drug, for any Conwayans who may be reading :)) was perfect! 

As I got older, I moved on to DayRunners, DayTimers, and Franklin Covey planners.  My all-time favorite was a green leather zipper binder with 2 inch rings from Franklin Covey.

At every stage of my life...teenager with advanced placement courses, youth group activities, and babysitting jobs; college student with a full class load, two jobs, and church responsibilities; young adult with a demanding career; wife and mom of four...my notebook has always been my "brain between two covers".  

And while the incarnations have been varied and have included different sections and types of pages over the years, they've all been influenced by that little book of Anne Ortlund's so many years ago. 

One of the great highlights of my life was hearing Anne Ortlund speak in person, meeting her, and having her autograph my copy of Fix Your Eyes on Jesus.  She was a true delight! 

Do you keep a notebook/planner?  A Bible study/prayer journal?  Is there an author who has impacted you for life?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments here or on Facebook! 

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