June 1, 2014 Blogathon, and Mighty Poor Planning on My Part!

So much exciting stuff going on here...we've gone non-stop all week, and this weekend especially.  Today has been a long, exhausting, amazingly wonderful day.

It's June 1.  That means, first of all, that it is my dear friend Tauna's birthday.  Maid of Honor in my wedding and long-time bestie, I am so thankful for this girl's impact on my life!

We've been anticipating June 1 for weeks now for another very special reason.  Today was Constitution Day for our church!  I'll have much more to say about that soon, as well as more pictures to share. :)  But for now, here's my Facebook status from earlier this evening:

I've been having a hard time coming up with words for today (and y'all know I'm rarely at a loss for words!) Got to hear two of my very favorite preachers (Bro. Gary and Bro. Kent) preach (and have notes from two excellent sermons to ponder and work out this week), and got to celebrate a very special day with our current church family, and part of our former church family. So grateful for those whose faithfulness has helped to bring us to this day (some of whom were missed much today!), and so very, very thankful for God's faithfulness and sovereignty evidenced in today's celebration. As Bro. Jeff reminded us today, "He Who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it..." Bro. Kent recalled his own words from not quite two years ago as we were trying to discern if God was truly calling us to leave Oak Cliff and go to Grace...that if we followed Him in obedience, God would do exciting things in us, exciting things at Grace, and exciting things at Oak Cliff. He has truly done that, and we are thankful!

Guess I managed to come up with a few words after all. Thanks to all who made today so special!

June 1 also means the beginning of the 2014 Freelance Success/WordCount Blogathon.  I participated in the WordCount Blogathon last year, and it was such a great experience.  When I began checking in May, it looked like there wasn't going to be a Blogathon this year, and I was so disappointed.  I really  need the accountability to get me back in the groove right now!  Thanks to the folks at Freelance Success and WordCount for providing this opportunity this year!

Blogathon means posting every day...every single day...in the month of June.  I started a post earlier this week that I had planned to finish and schedule for today, knowing that I wouldn't have much time (and more importantly, many brain cells :)) to write a post today.  Needless to say, that didn't happen.  So...I'm cheating a bit today.  Light on content, no pinnable images...just a "Hey, I'm here, it's been a crazy day" post to kick off the month.  I promise much more substance the rest of the month!

For now, though, tomorrow is another crazy day, and my aching body and exhausted mind are ready to hit the bed with a book (of which I'll probably read all of three paragraphs before I fall sound asleep. ;-))

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