The Best-Laid Plans Of Mice and Men...

"The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry."

This popular adaptation of a line from Robert Burns's "To a Mouse" pretty much sums up my day.

I got up this morning excited that the only thing I had to go out of the house for all day was to work out at the gym. 

The rest of the day stretched out before me as a canvas of potential productivity. 

A little food prep, a little cleaning, a few cards to write, happy mail to send to a friend, and a good block of blogging time to get some posts finished and scheduled for next week (in an attempt to avoid the "frantically typing a blog post at 10:20 p.m." gig.)

And yet here I am, frantically typing a blog post at 10:20 p.m.


First Billy and I decided we really needed to go to Wal-Mart.  No biggie.  We'd run the kids home after the gym, head to Wal-Mart, and then Billy would cook supper.

Then a sweet new friend offered to share an extra SCOBY with me so I can try my hand at Kombucha.  Yes, me, making Kombucha.  I know, I wouldn't have believed it either!

By that time, my mom had called and needed me to bring Peter by to work at her house for a while before we went to the gym.  So I dropped him off and went to pick up the SCOBY. (My kids had rather odd looks on their faces when they asked where I was going, and I said, "To pick up some bacteria from one of the moms in the homeschool group." LOL!)

I so enjoyed the visit with my new friend.  First she let me taste her pineapple Kombucha.  Oh, my goodness!  I've been craving it all day since.  SO yummy.  Can't wait until mine is ready!  Also got all inspired seeing her fun DIY craft projects, and enjoyed chatting about essential oils.

Then it was time for the gym. It was a great workout day!  I realized that since I've been doing the hip abduction and adduction machines, my hip pain has been almost non-existent.  Yay!!  And after almost two weeks of having to walk super-slowly (if at all) on the treadmill, today I not only returned to my pre-ankle injury speed, but surpassed it.  Wow!  So thankful for answered prayers, new healthy habits, and essential oils!

As I was waiting for the girls to finish getting their gear from the locker room, I checked my phone for missed calls.  There was a number I didn't recognize, so I decided to return the call while I was waiting, figuring it was a wrong number.


It was my mom's neighbor, explaining that she had taken my mom to the ER.

Mother decided it would be fun to celebrate the first day of summer by hitting her head on the concrete patio and having a CT Scan.  (In case you couldn't tell, I'm kidding about the fun part. I'm not kidding about the patio and the CT scan.)

My mom has the best neighbors in the whole world. They have been the best neighbors in the whole world since the days when my grandparents lived in that house.  They are truly wonderful.

And it was probably a good thing that my phone was in the locker room and I was in the pool when Mother tried to call.  There was lots and lots of blood involved, and Wanda and Bob handled that WAY better than I would have.

By the time I arrived at the ER to take over for Wanda, most of the blood had been cleaned up, and I still had a hard time looking at her.

I'm a wimp, y'all. I freely admit it. I come by it honestly; it's in my genes.  My dad didn't do blood, needles, or gore either.  And I think I'm getting worse as I age.  That's pretty scary.  I may not be able to file my nails by the time I'm 60.

Anyway, long story short, CT came back fine, but my mom is going to ache for a while.  I won't even go into how I called the Neighborhood Market, where she uses the pharmacy, to see what time they closed on Saturday, and was told they were open until 9.  Imagine my surprise, then, when I arrived at 7:24 with her prescription only to find all the metal sliding doors all locked up tight.  Somebody really needs to tell the people who answer the phone that the pharmacy closes at 7 on Saturday. Hmmph!

I also won't go into the fact that when I pulled up at the drive through at Burger King to get food for my starving family sometime after 8 p.m., they spent 10 minutes unsuccessfully trying to process my payment, and then shorted me a burger.  I was fighting tears of exhaustion before I ever started ordering.  By the time it was all over, I was too tired to cry.

Billy and I finally left for Wal-Mart at 9:00.  We made it through in near-record time and walked in the door about 10:15.

As I was pulling out refrigerated stuff for kids to shuffle to the fridge, I was almost in a dream state thinking about putting on my pjs, doing our bedtime essential oil routine, and heading to bed with my book. 

Then I suddenly realized: BLOGATHON!

Not only did I not have nicely finished blog post scheduled for the rest of the week, but I was going to be frantically typing at 10:30 once again. 

I almost decided to just skip it.

And then I thought, "We're 2/3 of the way through!  I can't stop now!  I've got to post something!"

So here it is.  No photos, no editing, not any of the posts I'd planned to type up today.

Just a story of best-laid plans gone awry.


How was your day? Did you do anything special for the first day of summer?  Have you had any plans go awry lately?  Tell me about it in the comments here or on Facebook!

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