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I have been promising an update for weeks and haven't gotten to it yet. I am finally beginning to recuperate from the worst of the sleep deprivation, but I'm still not sure I'm up to a coherant narrative post...so I'm going to try to catch things up via random scraps and snippets of life around here and hope they will make some sort of sense. :)

*June 9--My 95 y/o grandfather fell at the nursing home and broke his hip. He had hip surgery June 10, and was in the hospital for 5 days. We spent a *lot* of time at the hospital during that time...especially that weekend. My aunt came that Sunday and stayed until the following Saturday. Despite the doctors' original concerns that he wouldn't make it through the surgery at all and that he might not make it through the week, he came through with flying colors.

*June 11--This date had already been on the calendar due to an extended family situation. My friend J kept the kids that day so that I could deal with all that was going on that day and help my mom.

*June 16--I talked to my mom around 6:15...we marvelled at the fact that a week after my grandfather fell on the way to the dining room for lunch, he was back at the nursing home and they had taken him to the dining room for supper! My aunt had started her 2.5 hour trip home about 30 minutes before our conversation. About 15 minutes after I got off the phone with my mom the first time, the phone rang again and my mom was screaming, "Come quick, come quick, I think I've broken my wrist." Sure enough, we spent the evening in the ER and discovered that she had multiple fractures in her right arm near her wrist and a displaced thumb. They almost did surgery that night, but then decided against it.

*June 20--Finally got in to see the orthopedic surgeon, after a very painful few days for my mom, and a busy few for the rest of us. He scheduled surgery for the next morning.

*My friend J had the kids Wed. afternoon during the dr. appt., and immediately offered to keep them during the surgery. Later that evening, my friend K also offered to help. K ended up taking the oldest two home with her to spend the night, and I met J at the church the next morning with the younger two before I picked up Mother. I have the most wonderful friends in the world....K had had a horrible day Wed., had a full schedule already planned for Thursday, but she came by the house after church, picked up *stuff* for the two big kids and headed home for an impromptu *slumber party* with her two and mine. (She's still speaking to me, btw, even after the kids woke her up at **5:30 a.m.** the next morning...YIKES!) J wasn't having the best of weeks herself...and she has had my kids three times in two weeks and has fed us three times (actually 6 or 7, counting leftovers) in the past few weeks as well. I can't imagine making it through the past few weeks (or years, actually), without such wonderful friends.

(ETA for clarity...I started this post *last* Tuesday and didn't ever get it finished...so there is almost a week's break right here while it sat in draft. :))

* After surgery, we entered *nightmare weekend*. :) I honestly don't remember much of it...it was a complete blur. Thursday night I spent the night at my mom's and was literally up and down all night. I was already somewhat sleep deprived, and the main thing I remember about Friday and Saturday is that I have never...at any point...been as tired as I was those two days. Somewhere in there I also got *sick*. I thought at first it was just allergies, and then realized it was some sort of cold/virus thing that was apparently going around...a couple of friends had already had it, my kids had it in varying degrees, and then Billy got it just in time for his vacation last week! But...we survived the week and managed to even make all of VBS last week...more about that later.

So...things have been a bit busy here. ;-) But believe it or not, last week, VBS and all, was a bit calmer, and I did get a bit rested (my house is a testimony to the fact that I decided I was going to have to just *make* myself rest...so now it's catch-up week...:)). Hopefully this week will also be a bit calmer, and we will get caught up on the house, laundry, cooking, my ever-growing to do list...and maybe even my blog! Lots to blog about when I have time and coherant brain cells to type it all out. :)

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