Random Thoughts of Thankfulness, June 12

It's time for more Random Thoughts of Thankfulness...I'll update on the last few days later, and then these will make more sense. :)

1. A husband who will make emergency diet coke runs at any time of the day or night. I was down to a couple of (almost certainly *flat*) inches of Diet Sam's Choice in the bottom of a 2 liter, because I forgot to get sodas Sunday night at the store and I didn't have time to yesterday. My wonderful hubby made a detour on the way to work to bring me a two liter and a bag of ice. :) Isn't he wonderful?? I am also thankful for the way that he is ready at any time to do whatever is needed in a crisis. My grandfather has been in the hospital since Sunday, and Billy has not once complained about all the time I have had to spend up there. He has taken over things at home and even helped keep the dishes and laundry (semi--it's never *completely* caught up here!) caught up. And mopped up my tears more than once this weekend to boot...

2. Friends who are the *best* at *being there*. My friend J kept my children all day yesterday *and* sent supper home last night. My friend K took me out for yummy dessert last night. She is great at not only *listening*, but saying what I *need* to hear. Both of them were there by phone *all* day yesterday and all through this long weekend, during which we were dealing with one very difficult extended family situation that was *scheduled* and one that entered the picture as a weekend emergency. My friend T has kept me laughing (and cried with me) from 500 miles away.

3. A nurse named Connie. More about her later, but I am so thankful for God's working in the smallest details of our lives. I've been reminded again what a difference *one* person can make in a rough time.

4. Peace that passes understanding. More on this later, too...but I am so thankful for our Awesome God, who gives indescribable peace even when our prayers are answered *completely opposite-ly* (I know...that is *not* a word, but it was the only one that would work!) from the way we *thought* we needed them to be.

5. Good Books. Enough said. :-)

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