Fire Station Fun (well, sort of ;-))

Fire Station No. 10 was our latest field trip destination. We got to tour the station, see the ladder and pumper trucks, check out a firefighter suited up for a fire, and learn *lots* of interesting info! We learned, for instance, that most fire stations do *not* have fire poles anymore...fire fighters apparently were injured too often trying to get down the pole when they were still trying to get awake in the middle of the night. We were all very disappointed about that!

We also learned the origins of Dalmations being used for fire house dogs. Fire engines used to be pulled by horses, years ago, and dalmations are good with horses. The dalmations would run alongside the horses to keep other animals away so that the horses did not get spooked. Now, if fire stations have a dalmation, it is just as a mascot. Some fire departments do have trained rescue dogs and arson dogs, however.

Ammah Grace was *not* excited about the fire station trip. She didn't mind the noise, but the big trucks scared her, and the fireman in full protective gear sent her into hysterics. She did *finally* let *Miss Kacki* hold her long enough for mom to take some pictures. All I could think about was the field trip we took here three years ago...in February, 2004. Ammah Grace was still in NICU at UAMS, and I had come home for a couple of weeks to get things settled a bit here. As we were driving toward the fire station, Gracie's doctor called from Little Rock to let me know that they needed to do a lumbar puncture (therapeutic spinal tap) on her to see if they could relieve some of the pressure on her brain. I can still remember the exact spot I was in on Hwy. 71 as I gave permission over the phone for the procedure. I also remember being ready to drop everything and drive down there...and then finding out they would be finished with the procedure long before I could make the 2.5 hour drive down. So, instead, we continued on to the fire station and I prayed the whole time we were there as I fought back tears. What a difference this time, to snuggle her on my shoulder as she cried tears of terror over the masked fireman, and to watch her run and play and laugh with the other children later.
All in all, it was another successful field trip, give or take a tear or two. :-)

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