"You Didable!!"

It's been, as Billy would say, "a stinker of a day" today. The latest in a series of them, actually. I've been struggling with some things, the kids have been grouchy, we've been behind all day...you know, one of *those* days.

I was putting my hair up in rollers, trying to get in the mood to go to church tonight, thinking how * much* I would like to stay home...when Ammah Grace came in. I've always said that God gave her to us to make us smile during the hardest years of our lives...and once again, she did it.

"Mama, you didable!" (Didable=adorable in Ammah Grace speak)

Mind you, at this point I had hot rollers in my hair and looked like a space alien.

"I am?"

"Yes, Mama, you *weeaaallly* didable."

*Big Cheesy Grin* from Ammah Grace.

*Big smile* from Mom.

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