Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for...

...a five dollar bill. The story is going to get a blog post all its own, but I'm thankful for God's use of a stranger to change my attitude and remind me of some much-needed lessons. (ETA: Story has now been added here . )

...my hard-working husband. His job in the ER is stressful at best, overwhelming on *ordinary* days, and occasionally just flat-out heartbreaking...but he is committed to working "as unto the Lord", and it shows. Yesterday he received a thank you note in the mail from the CEO of the hospital, following a note from his boss earlier in the week, due to the comments of a grateful patient. I know from our experiences what a tremendous difference caring, committed, Christian medical personnel can make during a crisis...and I'm very thankful that God is allowing Billy to pass that blessing along to others.

...a 20th anniversary--of a church, and of one of the most difficult, and most wonderful, experiences of my life. That, too, is going to have a blog post of its very own, but I'm thankful for God allowing me to *happen* upon the notice this week of Woodland Heights Baptist's 20th anniversary. His timing is perfect, and I think it is no coincidence that He allowed me to be reminded of all that was going on 20 years ago this time just as we go into what promises to be one of the most difficult weeks ever.

...the computer I'm typing on at the moment. After years of using *really* antiquated machines passed on 2nd (and sometimes 3rd and 4th ) hand, it is *so* nice to be able to sit down at the computer and know that it will *do* what I want it to do (well, *if* I can figure it out, that is!) It was so exciting to be able to actually *watch* a podcast (I think that is what it was...I may be off with my tech-terms here ;-)) of a local church service the other night! And after years of knowing I didn't have the capacity to play with digital imaging, it has been fun to dabble in that a bit lately, too.

...our church. I have been reminded several times this week how thankful I am that God led us to Oak Cliff over 10 years ago. I am thankful for a pastor who is committed to expository preaching and to glorifying God rather than man. I am thankful that God uses him every week to speak to *exactly* what I need to hear. And I am thankful for a minister of music who is committed to God-honoring music, and who uses His incredible talent and ability to provide that in every service. I am thankful that hymns and anthems are the *norm* and that my children are growing up with the same heritage of excellence and worship in church music that I had growing up.

...God's mercies which are truly *new every morning*. What a blessing after one of *those* days (see yesterday's "You Didible!" post if you don't know what one of *those* days is!) to be able to go to bed and know that *tomorrow is a new day*, and get up with the hope that (usually!) *those* days don't come two days in a row! I am thankful that even more than *I* still love *my* children after one of *those* days, and am ready for a fresh start with them, *God* still loves *me* after *those* days, and is always waiting to forgive and pull me back up out of the pit.

...the character of God, which never changes regardless of our *feelings*. That even on *those* days when I am so down and discouraged, God is still good, He is still faithful, He is still sovereign, and His love never wavers.

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Denise said...

I love your thankful list, bless you.

jennyr said...

so many nice things to be thankful for...well stated!

eph2810 said...

It is so wonderful that your husband is able to share his Christian values at the job :). There is nothing better than a doctor how is able to pray for you.

I have to agree that the sunshine the day after of one of *those* days seems brighter.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Blessings to you and yours.

Brenda said...

What an inspiring list! You have such a thankful heart and so blessed me. God's mercies new every morning and His never changing character are our hope. And, I look forward to the $5 bill story. :)

Deena said...

I'm looking forward to reading that $5 story!!

Joyce said...

wow great list..you have a great husband everyday he can change people's lives

Alycia said...

Such a touching TT post! Belonging to a good church, one where you feel loved and can share with other believers is so important. Blessings to you from Japan!