Menu Plan Monday...

I really *do* know it's Tuesday...I promise! But I was determined to post my Menu Plan Monday menu today anyway. We knew Monday was going to be complete chaos, but then my 95 y/o grandfather fell and broke his hip Friday, so we have added camping out at the hospital to an already full week! Since we were gone *all* day yesterday, I think I'll pretend today's Monday. :-)
Monday--yummy meal sent home by my wonderful friend J. I may be the only person in the world who has friends who will keep my children all day *and* send a meal home with me afterward (and this wasn't the first time!) My family was exceedingly grateful, b/c I couldn't have managed bread and water by myself last night!
Tuesday--Bacon-Swiss Bread and salad
Wednesday--I had *planned* for us to eat at church Wednesday night, but they are having *leftovers*. We may have mac and cheese at home. :)
Sometime this week, I'm going to browse more MPM menus at Orgjunkie ...I got some great ideas last week!

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