This is my first SMART Habits Saturday, and I have so many habits I need to work on I had a hard time deciding where to start! Then I realized that it was actually a pretty easy choice. I have been very on-again, off-again with my morning quiet time recently....and more than anything, I need to get back into the habit of making that not only first priority, but first on the schedule. So...for this week, I am going to work on having my quiet time *first* thing, every morning. That is going to require my also *getting up* when I am supposed to. (Ack...I need a blushing smiley face here...:*( ) This week is going to be very demanding...which will make it more of a challenge to get up and spend time in the Word and in prayer early...but also more necessary! For more info on SMART Habits Saturday, check out The Lazy Organizer.


Rebecca said...

Welcome to SHS! This is a great goal that you are starting with. From my experience this is a great way to have accountability to yourself & get encouragement {& sometimes ideas} from others. Good luck this week!

An Ordinary Mom said...

It is always fun to meet more people as they join SHS! I think you are starting with a great first goal. Good luck this week! You can do it.

Montserrat said...

What a great habit to work on first. I treasure my quiet times (when I remember to have them). Welcome to SHS!

The Lazy Organizer said...

We're so happy to have you join us and you're starting with the best habit!

I'm reading the Charlotte Mason Companion right now and I have to force myself not to underlive every other sentence in it. I love that book!!!

Bamadawg1980 said...

Welcome to SHS! What a great habit to start with.

I know for me, I don't leave my bedroom without having my quiet time first. Otherwise, it doesn't happen. If I go out before reading the Scriptures, my children and puppies get started on their morning routines.

This has really helped me get back into the habit of having a quiet time...a habit I had gotten lazy about over the last two years. I started in January, and now it is part of my routine. I pray you will find what works for you!

Good luck!

Slava Bogu!