Menu Plan Monday

This is one of those weeks when we are just going to have to hang loose and be flexible. There is really no way of having a *plan*. We are pretty much at my mom's beck and call this week, and she will see the surgeon Wednesday to determine if she has to have surgery. So. All of this is subject to change at any moment. :) (And we didn't stay on menu *last* week due to another *flexible* week...so some of these are repeats we didn't get to then. :))

Monday--spaghetti and meatballs, green beans
Tuesday--chicken salad* sandwiches
Wednesday--church, I guess...Mother's appt. is Wednesday so we will have to see what happens there.
Thursday--Bacon-Swiss Bread and salad
Friday--cheese tortellini

*Chicken Salad:

I thought I'd post this chicken salad recipe...it is so easy and so good. They were sampling it at Sam's one day when the kids and I were shopping, and the kids all *loved* it. *That* made me stop in my tracks, because chicken salad is one of my very favorite things on *earth*...and usually I can't get anyone else in the house to eat it. Then when I made it at home, *Billy* loved it. He's requested it twice since then. :) So...it's definitely a keeper here!

I have no amounts...just keep adding to taste. The chicken in the original salad we tasted was Member's Mark from Sam's, and that is what we have used so far when we've made it. You could use any canned or cooked, shredded or diced chicken.

Miracle Whip
Hormel Real Bacon Pieces
Mrs. Dash seasoning

That's it. I think my kids like it because there is nothing *crunchy* in it. :)

Hopefully later in the week I'll have time to head to Laura's site for more menu ideas...there are always lots of great ideas on MPM!


Tiany said...

Thanks for sharing! Praying all will go well with your Mother!!

Have a wonderful week!

tegdirb92 said...

what a great week you have planned!! YUM.

Joyful Days said...

Flexible is always a good plan--just sorry that it is because of your mother's situation.

Menu looks just great.