Menu Plan Monday

Even with VBS last week, I *did* do better with sticking to our menus. A couple of nights were tricky because my mom has needed to be at the nursing home on the other end of town right at supper time to help my grandfather...and she can't drive after her surgery. :) So...we ate at 8 p.m. a couple of nights last week...but to be honest, that isn't completely unheard of around our house (or even tremendously unusual.) We did have a treat Friday...the kids got coupons for free kids meals from Chick-Fil-A from VBS, and Billy had a Nurse's Day coupon for free *big people food*...so we had Chick-Fil-A almost free Friday night. Can't beat that! :)

This week's plans:

Monday: Parmesan Chicken, Salad, Bruschetta

Tuesday: Spaghetti

Wednesday: ??? Not sure what our *4th* plans are yet...so this is TBA. :)

Thursday: Tilapia

Friday: Tacos/Rice/Beans

Hopefully in few weeks things will stay calm around here and I'll get caught up enough to start trying some of the new recipes I'm finding from other Menu Plan Monday posts!


annie said...

Your menu looks delicious!
My Life as Annie!

Jammy said...

Looks like a great week ahead!!


Jammy said...

Looks like a great week ahead!!


Jennifer said...

OK, now I'm getting hungry! Your menu sounds wonderful.

Have a fantabulous week!

tegdirb92 said...

Have a wonderful 4th--great meal plan!

Amy said...

Looks good! And don't feel bad, we periodically eat supper around 7:30pm.

queenbusick said...

well my menu is open on wednesday night too!