Thankful Thursday

I have had all kinds of things I planned to blog about this week, but I just haven't gotten that far. Hopefully I can make up for that in the next day or two...but in the meantime, I am *determined* to get in my Thankful Thursday post!

This weeks' "Thankfuls" are a bit random...I guess that is how my mind is working at the moment. :)

1. I have a date tonight! Billy and I haven't gotten to go out much in the past year, so it is a real treat when we get to for any reason. Billy was asked to speak at a meeting tonight, so my friend J is going to keep the kids while we go get a bite to eat and then go to the meeting. What a treat!

2. A slower week. It has been really nice to be at home more this week and start getting back on schedule even a *little* bit.

3. Along with that, some time to cook, and plan menus. I'm actually looking forward to shopping day tomorrow again, because I have a good menu planned and will hopefully have time to cook it. :)

4. More on this in another post, but Darcy is doing well and so far we have not had any significant puppy problems (at least with the puppy itself...we still have a little work to do as far as the kids *sharing* the puppy. ;-))

5. Cooler temperatures than usual. We have had a really *mild* summer here...we've had a smattering of temps in the low nineties so far, but mostly our highs have stayed in the 80s. I'm *really* thankful for the break from our usually sweltering summer temps.

For more Thankful Thursdays, swing by and see Laurel Wreath, who is guest hosting this week's Thankful Thursday.


ellen b said...

Have fun on your date! Blessings...

Changed by His Love said...

Hope you have a great date night! Many blessings to you today.

Denise said...

Enjoy your date, may you be sweetly blessed.

Hopeful Spirit said...

Hope the date went well & you have another soon! :-)