I feel funny even saying I *worked* in VBS last week. Because of extended family things going on, my friend J had said I could *help* her with the third grade (Bayley's class), but she wasn't going to plan on my being there. IOW...she did all the work and I just played gopher occasionally. :) It ended up being a good thing that I wasn't responsible for a class on my own, with all that happened with Papa and Mother in the weeks before VBS...but it was *really* strange not scurrying around preparing as I usually am! She did a great job, and *all* my kids seemed to have a wonderful time. Even Gracie went around all week chanting "Run the Race, Keep the Pace, Keep Your Eyes on JESUS!" :)


Jennifer, Snapshot said...

I'm glad that you're joining the Read Together mission!

Joyful Days said...

You've had quite a lot on your plate lately. It is hard to imagine that VBS would be the easy part of a week. But from the sounds of it, it was a good time. Hopefully everything will continue to improve.