*Big Sigh*

One thing about Ammah Grace...she may be tiny, but she always does whatever she does in a *big* way. I guess it has something to do with all the excitement and attention she received the first six weeks of life (and beyond). Once more, she has completely outdone her siblings (and virtually every other child I know...and *not* in a good way!)

I had just been noticing for the past week or so how long and thick her hair was finally getting (long and thick for Ammah Grace, that is...she takes after her sister Bayley in that we weren't sure either of them was ever going to have enough hair to make a pony tail.) We have really been having fun lately putting her hair up in different styles.

But alas...puppy tails and triple ponies are to be no more. Emlyn came running into the bedroom where Bayley and I were tonight yelling, "there's a whole *ton* of hair on the floor, Mama, and Gracie has been cutting hers!"

Now, I know, that is just one of those things that kids do...and all my others have done it, too. But it has always been something that while it might necessitate a change in hairstyle for a while, and irritate me because I knew there was a chunk missing, wasn't *terribly* noticeable to anyone else.

When Emlyn started yelling, I got up and took off for the living room to check out the damage...and I could see it from 10 feet away. *Not* a good sign. I took her into the dining room to survey it more closely, just in time to see Emlyn holding up what looked like enough hair to make a complete wig for a small child: "Look, Mama!! LOOK at all this HAIR!"

Sure enough, I kept finding more and more spots with hair cut almost to the scalp. Pretty quickly, I found a couple of spots with hair just about an inch long...and then I found one spot that made *those* spots look long. (And mind you, she had been in the dining room *less* than five minutes...she had been in the bedroom with Bayley and I only minutes before.)

All we could figure out to do at the moment was to cut her hair off to chin length...and then I guess in the morning we'll try to curl it a bit and brush it over the bald spots as best we can, hair spray it, and hope for the best.

I keep trying to remind myself that "it's just hair". But on the heels of that comes the thought that she will be doing long division before parts of her hair grow back to the length they were an hour and a half ago. I guess I should just be glad she didn't try to cut her stitches out.


*Big Sigh*

ETA: I just realized that the sundress she was wearing tonight when she cut her hair...was the same one she was wearing Monday when she fell and cut her head. I'm thinking we may have a ceremonial burning tomorrow!


Bren said...

When she was 4, my dd cut her hair off to the scalp also. She did it in the front though! From the middle of the head down to where her bangs use to be! It was less than a week before Easter...thank God for hats!

Rebecca said...

Oh wow! I can empathize. My children haven't done this {yet - they are too young & I don't think my son cares much about his hair to think about it} but I damaged my hair many times as a kid. My parents kept mine & my sister's hair long, very long like almost to my bottom long. Anyway I know we got gum stuck in it many times and forced my mom to cut pieces of our hair out. I was fascinated with the roll up brush and was determined that if it could roll up it could easily roll down - it doesn't. I also gave myself a haircut a few times, the last when I was 12, 13? I was going for the tapered cut like Rachel from friends, yeah it was bad. I asked my mom if I could tell the stylist she did it - of course she said no. Happy hair growing!

Anonymous said...

Hello dearest! I didn't know you had a blog! I have really enjoyed reading for a while tonight!

That hair! GASP! She really did it up didn't she! However, your comment about long division almost sent me rolling off the bed I was laughing so hard! Not laughing AT you, WITH you! :)

Still praying for you and your family!