Welcome Home, Darcy!

Puppy Owners. Yep...that's us. For those who know me well and who *haven't* been in on this escapade...pick yourselves up off the floor and dust yourselves off while I explain. :) Billy is a dog person. I am...well, not exactly a dog person. I have nothing against dogs, really, I am just perfectly content to live life without one. When we were first married, I brought a puppy home for Billy. Mattie was a *wonderful* dog. She was well-behaved, cute, fun...and she ate popsicles.:-D When she got out and was hit by a car one July 4th, we were devastated.

We have talked about getting a dog for a long time. Billy wanted one, the kids wanted one, I...really didn't think it was time for a dog yet. When we get more done to the house, when the kids are older, when things settle down...just not right now.

Then a lady in our homeschool group posted on the loop...free puppies, 1/2 dachshound, 1/2 beagle. Now. Billy has always wanted a beagle. I have always wanted a basset hound or...a dachshound. I was tempted. But no...life is too chaotic now. We did *not* need a puppy now on top of everything else we have going on.

Then Billy saw the email. I could tell he *really* wanted one of these puppies. I was determined to hold my ground. Except...I had been praying for something I could do to bless my husband. You see...in all the chaos that has been going on lately, he is the one who has really borne the brunt of things. He has kept the house and the kids going when I have had to be gone dealing with my grandfather and my mom. He has brought me treats, encouraged me to get out when I've needed to just *get away*, and just generally kept me going. So...I had been praying for a way to do something for him that would make him really happy.

But *surely* this wasn't the answer. *Surely* this wasn't what God meant. *Surely* God knew I didn't need a dog right now.

Then my friend K and I were discussing the dog via IM. She has wanted us to get a dog ever since *they* got a dog a year or so ago. Finally, in the midst of all her good-natured ribbing about how much we needed a dog, she said, "No, seriously, I know the last thing you need right now is a dog." *Whew* Confirmation. No dog for us. Then she had to follow it up with this..."Unfortunately, I think your husband *does* need a dog." Oh man. Ouch. Ack. Arrgghh.

I am pretty sure that she did *not* mean for me to take it the way that I did...but it was as though God was saying "And that's what marriage is all about...putting the other's needs above your own."

So...today we picked up Darcy. She is *really* cute and super-sweet, and *so far* really well-behaved (of course, that could be from the extreme culture shock she's experienced today!) The kids keep saying, "I can't believe we have a dog of our very own." And Billy...well, he has started spoiling the little thing already. As for me...well, I'm getting pretty fond of her myself. Stay tuned for more reports on the puppy front...


kel said...

Oh cute!

eph2810 said...

Oh, she is so cute :) - I can understand that you all already have embraced her. What a awesome mix too.

Be blessed today and always.

Pieces From Me said...

We just got a puppy last week after 6 years of "discussions". She is a sweetie too. Much bigger than your little one. Beagles and dachshounds are both wonderful dogs. We got a Keeshond. She is a great dog and I do not regret it "so far".

Kelli said...

Oh my goodness, she is the sweetest thing!! It looks like she is very happy with her new family!! I love the last picture! LOL

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

Oh my--so cute. The kids AND the puppy.