I have to admit...in my younger (pre-marriage, pre-mommy) days...I was a magazine junkie. My new, much more frugal, self rarely buys a magazine...other than an occasional indulgence in a scrapbook magazine. (Even those are more likely to be a gift from my sweet husband.) But this one almost jumped off the shelf at me the other day. I was just going to take a quick peek...really. And then the quick peek turned into perusing every page. Slow-cooker recipes, an entire article on waffles, healthy snacks, kids cooking...and a mouth-watering "Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream Cake". Billy peered over my shoulder and said, "Get it." So I did. :)

EAT Magazine is a BHG Special Interest Publication. From what I've seen so far, I hope it becomes a regular. This week we are going to try some of the smoothie recipes, frozen yogurt pops, and a new waffle recipe over the weekend. (Did I mention there's a picture of every recipe? Yum.)

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Thanks for visiting my book post. This magazine looks great! I can always use help in the kitchen. Have a great day!