Tackle It Tuesday

I didn't get to post my TT post this morning...because I was too busy tackling! I had a long list of things to do today, but two were *looming* because they had been on my list for so *long*, and because the time had come that they had to be done *or else*. The first was actually a conglomeration of phone calls, paperwork, and emails that needed to be tended to...things that have continually been shoved to the bottom of the list in the wake of all the *urgent* stuff going on around here lately (including my mom, my grandfather, and yesterday's ER visit with Ammah Grace ).

The second was cleaning off my desk. Now...you have to understand, *my desk* actually comprises a corner of our dining room, and includes my actual *desk* (on which the computer sits), another desk, and a huge rubbermaid container full of 12x12 scrapbook paper.) Somehow everyone in the family has gotten in the habit of putting anything they can't find a place for on one of the two desks, and *I* have gotten in the habit of piling everything in the world that is important to me either on top of the vertical file on my desk (because it is too stuffed to actually put anything *in* it), or on the Rubbermaid *paper box*.

I finished both tasks...and I feel *so* much better. Somehow in the chaos, getting a list of *little chores* (like the paperwork/calls/emails) out of the way...and getting some order in my *space* even when I can't seem to manage much in my *schedule*...really helps. I'm ready to get up and *tackle* the rest of the week now!

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Susanna Rose said...

Good job! Doesn't it seem like desks are the worst areas for becoming piled with junk? I'm just looking at ours right now and it is in need of a tidy too!;)

Candi said...

Great job!! I am constantly cleaning my desk.