Happy Feet :-)

Ahhhh. Have I mentioned that I have the *most* wonderful husband in the entire world? Proof, once again. My very happy feet:

It's been a long, hard, hot week, and it seems like I've been on my feet for a much-larger-than-usual percentage of it. And they have not been happy feet. My feet have complained more than *I* have this week, which is saying a lot! Even my broken-three-times ankle has been rebelling against the abuse.

So this afternoon, my dear wonderful husband, without being asked, sat down on the end of the couch where I had decided to take a 10 minute rest break before attacking my list for the afternoon, and gave me a foot massage. And a pedicure. Ahhhhhhhh. They feel *soo* much better. And they look a bit better, too. :)

Isn't he sweet? :-)

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