Camp Pictures, part 1

I already know I won't get to these all at once...besides, I also have *new baby niece* pictures to post today!...so I'll try to do a few installments:

(Once again, these are in no particular order...I'm having one of those days when I'm not up to fighting Blogger's rather cumbersome photo-upload process, which leaves things in an odd order after uploading. ;-))

Snack Shack was a favorite time of day...
I think Em's favorite part of camp was the notebooks (she is her mother's daughter, after all!) Her camp notebook and the altered journal we made in crafts went everywhere except the pool with her. :)
Bro. Lyndel.
Billy, in a rare resting moment.
Phil and Phyllis.
I wish I had gotten better pictures of the camp itself. These pictures do not at all do justice to the chapel.

Billy and Phil delivered ice to all the ice chests every morning during class. The hardest part of camp for Ammah Grace was not getting as much Daddy time as she is used to, so one morning she decided to go along. I could not believe that she could actually *lift* these ice buckets. I've always said she is much stronger than she looks!
Billy in his ever-present camp hat (that used to be my dad's :)).
Bay and Em playing one of Miss Phyllis's crazy games Tuesday night!
Ammah Grace is *not* used to going, going, going all the time, and she was already tuckered out by Tuesday night.
Peter eating baby food during one of Miss Phyllis's *less popular* games! ;-) I was proud of him because he was such a good sport.
Miss Phyllis came to our dorm at 7 a.m. on Thursday morning to wake the girls up with her *unique* rendition of "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning". It was a highlight of the week for the girls. I actually have photos of Phyllis, wet hair, no makeup, and all, but unfortunately, I promised they would *only* see the pages of my personal scrapbooks. So....if you want to see, you'll have to come visit! :-D

These pictures are of the girls while Miss Phyllis was serenading them:

Ammah Grace was sound asleep, and not planning to wake up *even* for her beloved Miss Phyllis. Bayley thinks Miss Phyllis has lost her marbles. :-D
I don't know where Em was at this point...probably sitting on Daddy's lap somewhere. These are the rest of the girls in our dorm:
Preschool crafts were always an adventure. Being the control freak detail person that I am, leading crafts selected by someone else is a bit of a challenge at times, but we managed, and actually had a lot of fun. I did have to give Kathy a hard time all week about the *one-eyed fish with feet* we made on Tuesday night, though. :-D (And yes, they were *supposed* to have two eyes, but between the packages that didn't have two eyes to begin with, and the little googly eyes that ended up *everywhere but on the table and the fish*, we ended up with a lot of one-eyed fish. I actually think these look more like chickens, don't you?? ;-))

Well, that is the end of our first installment of camp photos. *After* I post "new baby niece* photos and some other thoughts *and* do some editing on the remaining camp photos, I'll post some more....probably later in the week, though.

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