FOR June 2, 2008...

Outside My Window...very welcome sunshine.

I am thinking...pondering the subject of suffering today.

I am thankful for...a handy hubby who has once again patched the roof so that it didn't leak during the storm yesterday! And for a week *at home* to prepare for some very busy (and fun) weeks ahead!

From the kitchen...chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, and veggies for supper, with chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

I am wearing...shorts and a top with patriotic flip flops. :)

I am creating...finishing some clipboards this week (I hope!), starting a special gift album, and actually pulling out the sewing machine to make a few things for camp.

I am going...Nowhere (!!) today, I hope. At some point this week we will need to do some shopping for odds and ends for camp, and one night I need to go to church and sort and count and prep VBS materials. Other than that and normal church activities, we are planning for a busy but quiet week at home. (Yay!)

I am reading...Going back through some old Bible study notes on suffering, flipping through recipes for menu ideas, working through When All Hell Breaks Loose by Steve Lawson, and for bedtime reading, Ten Thousand Charms by Allison Pittman.

I am hoping...for uneventful days between now and the time we leave for camp, for everyone to get back to normal sleeping schedules (we've had lots of interruptions in that area lately!), and for my somewhat temperamental sewing machine to be cooperative as I attempt some sewing projects this week. :)

I am hearing...My 6-and 4-year olds singing silly songs and my 10-year-old chatting with the dog. ;-D

Around the house...I need desperately to get back to decluttering!!! And priming the dining room walls. *That* will probably have to wait until after camp, however. I do have a beautiful new red front door (well, the *red paint* is new, the door is definitely not!) and a lovely new shade of brown paint on my porch, thanks to my wonderful and hard-working husband. :)

One of my favorite things...creative little pieces of artwork from my children.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Finish and mail some "thank you" and "just because" notes, sew!, work on our schedule for the rest of the summer, finalize the camp packing list, finish a few creative projects, and cook a *real* dinner every night. ;-)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...(add your picture here)

(The little girls helping Daddy at the hardware store. Bay and I had to run back *again* on Saturday morning, and she said, "Mom, I think we've been to Home Depot 18 times this week!" I said, "Well, not *quite* that many, but it is starting to feel like a second home." ;-))

For more info on the Simple Woman's Daybook, to see what others are doing this week, or to participate yourself, visit The Simple Woman. Thanks to Peggy for hosting!

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