Happy Birthday....

to my best-friend-since-college-and-Maid-of-Honor-in-my-wedding T Marie!!!!!!!!

I had great plans for a wonderfully fun post complete with photos and all sorts of creative stuff. However, spending the night in the ER has not only temporarily zapped me of any and all creative juices, but also rendered me completely mentally and physically incapable of finding and/or scanning/uploading vintage "Jef and T-Ri" photos at the present time.

So, for now, I will just say a huge "Happy Birthday" to my dear friend, and direct you to her blog, Creative Confetti, if you would like to pop in and wish her a wonderful day yourself. (While you are there, scroll down and check out her Haiti pictures. They are incredible. Grab some Kleenex.)

Love you, Girl!!! Have a totally fabulous day!!!!

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t marie said...


I'm a little scared of what you could come up with to post about us. Nonetheless, I can't wait to see it.