Worn to a frazzle...

That used to be my mom's phrase for being completely exhausted. I'm not sure what a frazzle is, but I'm pretty sure I'm worn to one tonight. Co-Op, Presentation Night, and the Art Fair are over. We spent over 7 hours at the church today. Whew. I do know that Kelli is more exhausted than I am...I can't believe how hard she worked to put this all together. I'm pretty sure this was the biggest presentation night I remember. And I'm agreeing with Kelli...co-op was great and I really enjoyed it...but I couldn't have made one more week!

I'll try to post pictures and more on the art fair tomorrow. Tonight it's time for pain meds and sleep...:)

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Joyful Days said...

I totally know the "frazzled" feeling. Hope you got some rest and healing.