Much-To-Do Monday

We are in the midst of what promises to be the busiest time of the year for us. Last week we finished co-op, had the art fair (which I coordinated) and presentation night, and went on a field trip. Upcoming events include Easter (of course), the Growing Kids Sale, homeschool testing, doctors' appointments, a friend's homeschool graduation reception, Family Camp, VBS, a visit from out-of-town family we've never met, and the birth of our new niece (and a trip to Hot Springs to meet her! :-)). Oh...and teaching at least one scrapbooking class, working to get my custom scrapbooking business going again, and continuing work on the house (hopefully finishing the dining room/schoolroom...yay!!) Not to mention a couple of other events that we know will happen sometime between now and the end of June...we're just waiting for dates.

According to the calendar, this week should be somewhat of the eye in the center of the storm. We're planning to be out one day to go to the park with friends and spend some time with my mom, but other than that, we hope to be *home* most of the week.

Not that it is going to be boring, mind you. We have *much* to do at home this week. Mainly *school, school, and more school*. ;-) But lots of planning for upcoming events, work on the house, the big seasonal clothes changeover (every mother's favorite task!), and a bit of shopping for Easter (okay, so that isn't technically *at home*, but it isn't *scheduled*, either...;-))

After our busy week last week, my to-do list is literally *twice* as long today as it is most days. Ack! And that is with Billy getting the dishes caught up and doing I'm-not-sure-how-many loads of laundry over the weekend. (Isn't he wonderful??:-D) So...I'm going to get this posted *quick* and get back to it!

Bible Study
I just started working through a book by Steve Lawson called When All Hell Breaks Loose...You May be Doing Something Right, subtitled "Surprising Insights from the Book of Job." Wow. I have wanted to read this book for a long time, and it is *excellent.* I'm going back through the book of Job along with the book, and I'm excited about posting some of my notes soon!

Have Tos/Procrastination Busters
I'm not even going to try to list them all here...just a few of the most important or more interesting. :)

--Fold Mount Laundry. (All that laundry Billy washed over the weekend for me is threatening to cause an avalanche that could bury a small child for days. MUST BE FOLDED today. MUST. Fortunately, we have a couple of Netflix movies I haven't gotten to see yet, so I can multitask my way down the mountain. :)

--Call Dr. M and have records transferred. (Ooops...I was supposed to do this Friday and never made it that far.)

--Catch up on blog posts, update sidebar, reply to comments, etc.

--Plan scrapbooking class and make flyer and class sample.

--Sort clothes for spring/Growing Kids' Sale

--Easter baskets

--Preliminary VBS planning

--Pedicure (Sandal weather is here!;-))

--Work on menu binder

Home Blessing

I'm not concentrating on any one area this week...I have a bunch of little tasks all over the house that I'm going to label as "random catch up". Tasks that I've worked on over the past few weeks that I *almost* finished, but not quite, tasks that I have planned to do for several weeks and *haven't quite gotten to*, *hot spots* that were cleared, but are beginning to pile up again, and some little areas that just need some *spring freshening*.

Creative Pursuits

Planning this scrapbook class, working on Easter baskets, and planning (maybe even starting?) some sewing projects for the kids for spring/summer...those are at the top of my list for creative pursuits this week. I also *must* get my business cards updated, as well as a few other *business-related* projects finished.

Menu Plan Monday

This is going to be a *use it up* week here. We didn't do a big two week shopping trip last Friday and I have been scrambling to come up with meals that won't require one at least until this coming Friday. So...it may be an interesting culinary week here. :) Here is what I have come up with so far:

* Breakfast for Dinner--Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy, Eggs, and Fruit
* Taco Soup and cornbread
* Zuppa Toscana and homemade bread
* Bowties with homemade Alfredo sauce and grilled chicken
* Cheesy Enchilada Rice


*Pizza Pockets and Chips
*Tortilla Pinwheels with fruit and carrot sticks
*Chicken Nuggets, cheesy rice, and salad


*Protein Balls
*Fruit cobbler
*Cream Cheese Crescents (I have cream cheese I need to use, and I ran across a recipe from my dad's cousin that I want to try...I remember her making these when I was growing up and they were delicious. I'll post after I make them. :))

To see what others are eating this week, visit Laura at Orgjunkie. For more Monday Meanderings, go to Less of Me, More of Him. Thanks to these ladies for hosting every week!


Paul and Christy said...

I am worn out reading your list and I haven't even started doing mine. I may have to take a nap. LOL Hope you have a blessed above the stress week.

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