Wild Weather Monday :)

Arkansas weather. The past two days it's been in the 70s. When I checked the weather at 7:00 this morning, it was 65 degrees. And yet...we have a winter weather advisory! Snow...and maybe even ice...by evening. I'm not sure how much rain we've gotten overnight, but our entire backyard is standing water, and it is still raining steadily. I'm thinking our main task for the day should be to build a boat. ;-)

The big news here other than the weather is...drum roll please....I *finally* (make that *FINALLY* got the last remaining corner of the dining room cleaned out Saturday. That corner that had my school/scrapbook table and storage shelf...yes, *that* corner. The one that was piled I'm-not-even-going-to-tell-you-how-high with *stuff*. I lost track of how many boxes I cleaned out, and I filled up 3.5 black trash bags to throw away. Yay! I have a little more *putting away* to do, and we have two more small sections of wallpaper to remove (two sections that didn't come off as easily as the rest, so we'll have to work a bit at removing them.) If we don't get snowed in, I'll pick up Kilz and paint in the next day or two and we should be priming by the weekend!

Here is the plan for the week:

Bible Study

I have finally ordered a book I've had my eye on for a long time...Stephen Lawson's book on the book of Job. While I'm waiting for it to arrive, I'm going to spend some time in the Psalms.

This is the Week of Prayer for Home Missions, so the kids and I will be working through that prayer guide this week.

Home Blessing

Now that I finally have the dining room under control (yay!), I plan to spend 15 minutes a day this week finishing up and maintaining it. New focus areas this week are the kitchen and the laundry. While I've been down the past couple of weeks, Billy and the kids have done a great job of helping keep the laundry washed...but I have *not* done a good job of getting it folded, ironed, and put away. *blush* I need to do some serious catching up in that area, in addition to some deep cleaning and re-organizing in the kitchen.

Procrastination Busters

1. Pay Bills
2. Finalize Art Fair Details
3. Catch up spring calendar
4. Photos--burn to disk, order prints, email
5. Register for Growing Kids Sale
6. Organize file basket

Creative Pursuits

Now that I have the dining room under control, creative projects will be much easier to accomplish. There is room to work and I can put my hands on my supplies again! Here are my plans for this week:

1. Co-Op project planned/prepped.
2. Complete one scrapbook page this week.
3. Make one card this week.
4. List of pending creative projects.

Menu Plan Monday

*Spaghetti, Cucumber/Tomato Salad, Croissants
*Lasagna, Green Beans, Salad, French Bread
*Hamburger Steaks, Carrots, Salad, Potatoes
*Breakfast for Dinner--French Toast and Sausage
*Chicken Fettucini Alfredo, Garlic Cheese Biscuits, Broccoli

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Ribbon Rock Star said...

Your menu plan looks great!
Gotta love this SOUTHERN weather, huh? We are supposed to get heavy storms today with a high of 69 and then tomorrow it will be 37 and SNOW?? Crazy!


kel said...

And then we will all get sick again from these drastic weather temps. Glad you got your project done.

Blessing Hill said...

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I wish we were having 70 degree days.
It feels great to complete a big task. I am sure your dining room will look great when you are done.

Between the Trees said...

We've had the weird weather too. I have a friend in Denver who had 70 degrees one day and a foot of snow the next. I think that's all the rain we're getting. And since I'm before you on the weather system, I can only tell you it's still raining here too! Ick.

I finally cleaned up my scrapbook mess, but it's been so long since I accomplished anything, I don't know if I even remember how to use my tape runner! heehee :) Stay dry!


Scrapping Servant said...

Oye, I still have a mess to clean, and would love to get some card making and scrapping done... too busy, good luck on your end.