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It's been snowing here most of the day, with predictions that it will continue throughout the night and leave us with accumulations of 4-12 inches, depending on who you listen to. ;-) In Arkansas, that's a lot of snow! Some area schools were closing before noon, and our homeschool co-op was cancelled this afternoon.

We've gotten a lot done this week so far, although the *to do* list is still quite full. If we get snowed in this weekend (or maybe even if we don't ;-)), I'm planning to celebrate by getting some scrapbooking done this weekend. I finally have room to work and supplies organized, and my creative gears are spinning.

Here is my *warm-up*....the latest co-op class project. (We've had so much fun in there, btw...7 crafty girls and a couple of great assistant teachers...I *must* remember to get pictures next week!! It's been so exciting to see the creativity of these 6-10 year old girls!)

(Someday I'm going to learn how to take good pictures of projects like this...I obviously haven't figured it out yet. *rolling eyes*)

As a bit of an extra motivator, I'm going to be teaching a scrapbooking class at Hobby Lobby on March 29th. I taught classes at Michaels for 3 years, and while I have not missed the *employment* aspect, I have missed the teaching. HL will be the best of both worlds, since I'll be an independent instructor, so I'm really looking forward to it. Now to decide on class projects! (Stay tuned for more on that...;-))

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Joyful Days said...

I wish you were nearby--Hobby Lobby is about three minutes from my house!!