Good Reads

My blogroll has been in dire need of an update for quite some time. It had gotten *way* too long, and I wanted to sort it into categories, as well as get rid of some dead links, update some blog names, and add a few new ones. *Finally* this weekend I have been able to sort through and redo my list.

While I'm at it, I'd like to introduce you to a couple of new-ish blogs that are definitely worth checking out:

Delivering Evangelism is my brother-in-law's new blog. Tim's excitement about what God is doing in his life and his enthusiasm for sharing Christ with others are contagious and convicting. I am thankful that God has given us an opportunity to spend more time with Tim, Shelly, and Brianna lately. They have been a real encouragement to Billy and I and a blessing to our children. I am excited to see what God has in store for them in upcoming days!

Another must read is Creative Confetti. My friend Tauna is one of the most creative and fun people in the entire world. Really and truly. If you saw this post about my wedding...she's the one in the groucho glasses. ;-) Only because she is one of my *best friends ever* do I not hate her because she looks *half* my age...when she is actually *older* than I am! :-D Her whole blog...short though it is at the moment...is worth reading, but her Haiti posts especially are not to be missed. I felt like I was there, and I didn't want to leave. Those incredibly beautiful children...the poverty of this "5th world" country...the beauty of God's creation...the stories of God's work there. Wow.


Between the Trees said...

Hey there! Thanks for including me in your list! I love "visiting" you as well! Your hymn post is one of my all time favs!


t marie said...

Thanks for the sweet, encouraging words my beautiful friend. I've been asked to return to Haiti on the July trip so PLEASE PRAY for God's clear voice.

Love you Jef!

(Oh, have you ever noticed in one of the "hair" pics it looks as if I'm holding a comb to your neck? LOL)