Sunday Morning Snippets

I know...I still have a whole list of things I've promised to post...and I haven't forgotten. Hopefully I'll get to them this afternoon. If I don't take a nap. Having been up from 3-5 a.m., I just might. Of course, if I do, I won't want to get up for church tonight...which I must do. So we'll see. :)

After our long day Thursday, we had a field trip (more on that later....yum!) Friday and went out to lunch with friends. Went home and tried to rest for an hour or so, and then picked Billy up at work and went to the library. Then went out shopping with friends in search of an Easter dress for Em, among other things. Found nothing, but at least marked another store off my list. :)

Yesterday Peter and I went shopping. Or should that be WENT SHOPPING. I had planned to take the three olders with me, but it ended up being just Peter and I. This was the first time in a long time that Peter and I had spent a day together without at least some of the girls...usually when I shop I either have everyone or I'm by myself. So this was a fun change.

6 1/2 hours. We were looking for pants for Peter, shoes for Peter, and Em's dress, as well as any really good deals I came across on camp clothes for people. I don't know how many of you have shopped for girls' dresses this year, but for those who haven't...it is not a fun thing. There are almost no pretty little girl dresses left. Next year I am determined to plan ahead enough to sew. Perhaps I should start now...;-)

We did finally find Em a dress. The last store we went to...not the perfect dress, but close enough. The best part was, we had seen the same dress in another store for $60.00. Between sales and coupons, we got it for half that. So *that* was a blessing. Emlyn has been really picky about her dress this year, but ended up not wanting to go shopping yesterday. We came to an agreement that she would be happy...or at least *act* happy...about whatever I brought home. When I asked Peter as we were checking out if he thought Em would like it, he replied..."Well, if she doesn't, you just need to beat her until she does." *grin* Looking at 789 dresses in 6 stores ended up being a bit much for him, I'm afraid.

I wasn't quite prepared to shop for my *little boy* in the men's department. Talk about feeling old. Of course...at 10 he wears the same size shoe his daddy does...ack! Bless Peter's heart...he tried on what I know seemed like million pair of pants and jeans (he's in a hard to fit/find size at the moment.) We did finally come up with a pair of khaki pants and a pair of jeans that seemed to work, as well as a pair of Sunday shoes and a really nice shirt that was on sale. So...it was worth it, even if our feet may never be the same. I think Pete's had his share of shopping for a LONG time. :-)

We had a great surprise when we got home...Billy and the girls had done quite a bit of housework, and Billy had done all the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Isn't he wonderful??

This morning, Billy is staying home with Gracie and Emlyn...they've both had a pretty bad cough. I've got to go finish getting ready...we have to be at church really early so that I can be there to practice the organ. I'm playing a really simple part with the choir special this morning and I am a nervous wreck. (Which could be partly because I don't *play* the organ...;-)) It's been a lot of fun, and I love the song we are doing...a gorgeous arrangement of "At the Cross"...but I'll be really glad when it is over. :)

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