Daybook Tuesday :)

We rarely "go" on Mondays.  I try to keep Monday free to get back into our routine after the weekend and get a good start on school and chores for the week.  We all (including Mom) seem to need that *adjustment* day.  Months ago, however, we had signed up to attend the Fort Smith Symphony's Earquake program with our homeschool group...which happened to be on Monday afternoon.  Not to worry...I had actually looked ahead to the schedule for the week and made various adjustments to account for a Monday afternoon outing.  We had planned to get to bed a bit earlier Sunday night, get up a bit earlier Monday morning, and finish chores, school, and lunch in record time, then scoot out the door to Earquake and then a few quick errands.


First, we didn't get to bed early Sunday night.    More on that later.  Second, in all the confusion Sunday night, apparently I set the alarm wrong for Monday morning.  Somehow it ended up set for 5:45 a.m. all right...but for MAY 9, rather than FEBRUARY 9.  Not particularly helpful.  So I woke poor Billy up an hour late and started out the day in a rush.  Third, Bayley's arm...part of Sunday night's problem...was worse Monday morning, and one of the doctors Billy works with wanted to take a look at it...BEFORE Earquake.  So...instead of having school Monday morning, we went to the emergency room. :)   What had started out as a plan to be gone for a couple of hours morphed into an ALL DAY outing.  

So...needless to say, Daybook Monday didn't happen.  Trying now for Daybook Tuesday instead. :)

For Today...February 10, 2009

Outside my window... Dark.

I am thinking... It's one of those days when my mind is racing in a million directions, with "to dos" swarming, thoughts pondering, creative projects brewing, blog posts percolating. :)

From the learning rooms... Hoping for a nice, quiet, productive day of school at home today.  Our last few "school days" have been the type that make me laugh when someone says, "But what about socialization??"  We have been so busy with co-op classes, field trips, and just plain social activities that we have had a hard time getting schoolwork done!

Btw...Earquake yesterday was great!  We really enjoyed the program.  It was also a great reminder of how thankful I am for the opportunity to homeschool, as we experienced some of the "down side" of age-segregated socialization.  ;-)

I am thankful for... safe and healthy children.  After a week of reflecting all over again on the miracles God gave us 5 years ago with Ammah Grace, she gave us a real scare Sunday night.  She choked at supper and stopped breathing briefly (although it seemed like forever); it was the first time in 4 years and 46 weeks that I had seen her blue from lack of oxygen and it brought back all kinds of scary memories.

And...Sunday night Bayley came home from a birthday party a bit battered from a "wreck" with a boy with whom she had been racing.  By the  time she got home, she was having trouble moving her arm.  We were pretty sure it wasn't broken, but when it was worse on Monday morning, we decided we needed to have it checked out.  One of the  doctors Billy works with offered to look at it; he determined that sure enough, it wasn't broken, but it did need to be wrapped for a while to help with the swelling and discomfort.  

I'm so thankful that neither incident was more serious, and for four safe, healthy children.  I'm thankful for Billy's job at St. Ed's, as frustrating as it can be sometimes :), and for his co-workers/doctors who are always so helpful.  I'm thankful that we got to have lunch with Billy yesterday...a bright spot in an otherwise crazy day!

From the kitchen... I have been SO off our menus this past week.  I'm hoping to finally cook the "Big Breakfast" for dinner tonight that I've been planning to cook since last  Thursday. :)  Also hoping to get a pot of chili made "ahead" for tomorrow.  

I am wearing... Razorback basketball sweats. :-D

I am reading... a whole stack of books from my 999 list!  My non-fiction reading always tends to be done in "stacks", rather than in a more linear "one book at a time" fashion.  :)   The current "stack" includes:

The Consolations of Imperfection (McCollough)
Life Organizer (Louden) 
The Creative Call (Elsheimer)
Growing Creative Kids (Sharpe) 
Keeping Our Children's Hearts  (Maxwell) 
E.M Bounds on Prayer  (Bounds)

I am hoping... that our *excitement* for the week is *over*, and that the predicted storms for tonight don't materialize.

I am creating... Birthday party plans!  Ammah Grace is having her first "friend" birthday party Saturday.  We have invited three of her friends to a "princess tea
 party".  I'm not sure who is more excited....Gracie, or her siblings, who have been my "planning assistants". :-D  Lots of fun already, and the party isn't even here yet!

I am hearing... Billy getting ready for work; otherwise a quiet house. 

Around the house... We've been gone so much lately that we haven't had time for "thorough" chores...we are planning to remedy that starting in about an hour!

One of my favorite things... New (to me) books.  (They are even better if they are used, especially if I got a really great deal!)   

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Major progress in school and on the house, Children's Choir singing in church Wednesday night, co-op on Thursday, preparations for Valentine's Day and  Gracie's party on Saturday.  

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

The icicle bouquet my sweet son brought me during our recent ice storm.  I love his unique blend of thoughtfulness and creativity!

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Life at the Lake said...

I love the icicle bouquet - how thoughtful and original!! Glad you guys enjoyed Earquake yesterday. I have always thought the symphony does an excellent job with that performance.

Joyful Days said...

That is such a sweet bouquet!! Love that idea.

Isn't that how things go, nice plans--then life happens. Always.

Glad that everyone is healthy.

Hope the rest of the week is good.


Choate Family said...

Just found your blog, and I love it! Looking forward to getting to know you and your family better. Enjoy the symphony for us - it's one of the things we miss the most.