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For Today... February 16, 2009

Outside my window... Lots of sunshine...for which I am *so* very thankful!

I am thinking... about my dear friend "Miss Mary" McAlister.   I can't believe she's been gone two years today.  She's been on my mind often in the past few weeks, especially...as I've planned my bookmaking class for co-op, put together Gracie's birthday party, and read about Growing Creative Kids.  Those who knew her will no doubt understand why those things would remind me of her. :)  She (and Mr. James) inspired me in so many ways and taught me much.   I'm so excited that Mr. James has a new blog on which he is organizing his articles, songs, and audio files.   *Wonderful* reading there.

From the learning rooms... Excited about incorporating some of  Teaching With God's Heart for the World  into our school plans.  

I am thankful for... a *normal*, even boring, Monday.  :-)

From the kitchen... planning to make a dutch oven cherry cobbler this afternoon...yum!

I am wearing... A heavy fleece pullover, jeans, and fuzzy purple slippers :)

I am reading... Continuing my Sunday afternoon reading list, and reading through a *free* missions curriculum I recently ran across. 

I am hoping... Billy doesn't have to work late this afternoon. 
I am creating... I'm really enjoying the reading I'm doing right now on the subject of Creativity.  I'm creating some time in our school schedule for some of the exercises/activities in Growing Creative Kids, by Wesley Sharpe.

I am hearing... the sounds of busy children. :)

Around the house... I *really* need to re-organize the lower kitchen cabinets this week. I did the upper ones quite a while back, but never got to the lower ones, and they need a serious overhaul!  I'm also hoping to finally get new curtains made for the front door...I've been planning to do that for weeks and keep getting sidetracked. :-)

One of my favorite things... Hearing from old friends!  It's always good to catch up a bit. 

A few plans for the rest of the week... school, church, co-op...hopefully nothing out of the ordinary.  

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...  

A preview of Gracie's birthday party pictures, which I hope to post later today.  

Thanks to Peggy at The Simple Woman's Daybook for hosting the Daybook each week! 


Joyful Days said...

What a fabulous photo!!!!

A normal, boring Monday...hmmmm...do they exist?



Leslie Valeska said...

Enjoyed ur entry this week. Your closing had me wondering, why I don't put that in my weekly plans. LOL!

James McAlister said...

Thanks for the kind comments about Miss Mary--and about my new web site. You were her very special friend. We still miss her, don't we?