Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today...February 23, 2009

Outside my window... Birds twittering as the sun comes up.

I am thinking... about pain, and God's purposes in it.

From the learning 
rooms... Trying to come up with our next Mega Memory passage.   Hopefully I'll get our MMM final update posted tomorrow...a few weeks late!  

I am thankful for... my sweet husband, who not only fixed the back porch Saturday
 morning and cooked the best dinner ever Saturday night, but who also helped me 
clean up a huge mess last night when I was tired, cranky, and in pain.  I appreciate the things he *plans* (like fixing the porch and grilling out Saturday) and the times that he comes to the rescue unexpectedly (like helping clean almost 4 lbs. of salsa off the kitchen floor last night. :))  

A mostly-uneventful week last week.

A  laid-back weekend with no outside commitments...lots of family time.

From the kitchen... 
I'm hoping that the fact that most of our main meal plans this week include made-ahead meals from the freezer/fridge and a little grilling on Billy's part :) means that I will have time to do a little bulk baking for snacks and breakfasts.  I have several new recipes I want to try, as well as a couple of old stand-bys.  We'll see how that goes.

I am wearing... still in my pjs...eek.

I am reading... Real Learning, Education in the Heart of the Home, by Elizabeth Foss (linked in sidebar...I can't get the link to work here).  Excellent, excellent book.  I had been reading rave reviews of it for ages, but for some reason had no interest in reading it.  I came across something about it a few weeks ago and my interest was finally piqued.   I started it last week and have to say that so far, it is one of the best "homeschooling" books I've read, despite there  being things I don't agree with due to theological differences (Mrs. Foss writes from a definitely Catholic perspective).  More to come on this book soon, I hope.  

And...still working through my stack from last week. :-)

I am hoping...for another calm, uneventful week...and hopefully a very productive one!

That the pain flare that hit suddenly and with full force last night after a few much better weeks will  make its exit quickly.  No time for "down time" this week! 
I am creating... Focusing on order in our home this week (again), and continuing to work through material on creativity in children.  Hoping to post some of what we are doing there later in the week. 

I am hearing... the whirr of the electric heater behind me, Monday morning quiet.

Around the house... "The Great Clothes Sort" this week, preparatory for the upcoming Growing Kids' Sale (and a cleaner, better organized house!)

One of my favorite things... Singing a hymn I've sung all my life and suddenly being hit in a whole new way by old familiar words.  It  happened again yesterday...look for a hymn post soon. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... Getting ready for the Growing Kids Sale, a haircut for Peter, church and co-op; otherwise, lots of schooling, cleaning,
 sorting/purging, and reading. (I hope!)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

I had to share three...my three girls after their haircuts this week. :)


A Gracious Home said...

You sound like super mom to me. A job well done. Your girls are beautiful. God bless, Doylene

Julie said...

I enjoyed discovering your blog today - through the Simple Woman's Daybook :)