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I've mentioned before that my non-fiction reading is decidedly "non-linear".  As I'm reading through my stack, I'm coming up with quotes and notes I want to share.  I'm also not "linear" enough in my blogging to do that in any real order, so instead, I'll be posting random "Book Bits" as I come across snippets worth sharing. 

The exception may be in the case of the book Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home."  I'm pondering the possibility of an actual series on this excellent book.  (See link in my sidebar for details.)  Watch for more on that soon...

Until then, here's a quick quote:

"Again and again we see the truth that each child is created to reflect God's image in a unique way.  A child's personality and personhood is God-given.  We can't and shouldn't try to make a child into 'our own image' or into what we think he should be, or what some curriculum designer thinks he should be.  It is the role of the parent and educator to help the child become more like the 'ideal image' God has in mind for him.  To bring about this ideal in our children involves three forces: the supernatural aid  of grace; the human educational process; and the student's dedication to the process." 
(Elizabeth Foss, Real Learning

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